Groundhog Day…AZ Style

Once again, the eyes of the nation, and the world, are on the country’s 48th state. Arizona has once again thrust itself into the conversation of rights, liberty and the pursuit of … Business????

Senate Bill 1062 is a religious freedom bill for business owners — or so they say. In reality, it is a bill that is bad for business and could be a slippery slope that sets the state back decades.

But we have been here before with the infamous 1070 bill and we are still recovering from the economic damage that legislation caused.

So now we wait. We wait to see what our fate will be as it sits in the hand (or the pen) of Governor Jan Brewer.

While the country continues to watch.

UPDATE: Late this afternoon, Gov. Brewer vetoed SB1062. Sensibility has prevailed in Arizona! (And the groundhog did not see his shadow).

Happy Super Tuesday


If you’re a politics watcher like I am, you had more than your fill of must see TV. I raced home to tune into (you guessed it) the elect returns and hear the political commentary that accompanies them.

New Jersey was no surprise. Chris Christie had such a strong hold on that election that the Democrats did not show up (much to the dismay of the Democratic candidate, Barbara Buono). Buono had some choice words to say to her party during her speech.

Virginia was the surprise of the evening with Terry McAuliffe squeaking out a win over Ken Cuccinelli in what was supposed to be a referendum on the Affordable Care Act. The Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor also won. They’re still working on the Attorney General results.

Women in Virginia were the force behind McAuliffe’s win. They spoke, through their votes, about what they would like to see in their state politics. The GOP should listen, not just in Virginia, as they prepare for 2014 and 2016.

Bill de Blasio will change the face of New York and his family is beautiful symbol of the blended diversity that New York embodies. His supporters have placed a lot of dreams on his shoulders…economic equality, public safety and dignity for all residents, just two name a couple. I hope they give him time to settle in before they start asking where he is on making these things happen.

And then there’s Toronto…while not in the United States…it was equally entertaining today. There, Mayor Rob Ford actually came out and told people what we’ve known for some time — that he did, in fact, smoke crack. But of course, it wouldn’t be true Rob Ford style if he didn’t make reporters work for the answer. He berated them for not asking questions properly. (How many other was can you ask “did you smoke crack?” Then he suggested (even though there is a video) that he may have smoked crack during a drunken stupor. Hmmm. I saw the video on a news cast a couple of weeks ago. He didn’t look like he was fumbling around with some new contraption. Kind of look like he had see a crack pipe before (but that’s my opinion). Rob Ford needs to do the people of Toronto a favor and resign. He does not need to drag this out until the next mayoral election in October 2014. If he is found guilty, he will most likely have to step down. But this admission (after months of denial) has left a blight on his city…and his residents do not deserve that. If he is truly a servant of the people, he needs to do what is in the best interest of his city and its residents.

Aw, Super Tuesday…