How Do You Say Goodbye… in Emails

FullSizeRenderThe following discussion came up in a Facebook group that I belong to. A member was seeking advice on what type of closing is appropriate for a business email. For me, I am a traditionalist and like to use either Sincerely or Best Regards. In the article article “57 Ways To Sign Off On An Email,” Susan Adams has an extensive (and humorous) list and her preferences for each.

So what is your favorite way to sign off? Please share.

As I signoff…


Small Business Holidays

Lee's 2012

This Saturday was Small Business Saturday, the one day of the year (and the holiday season) that promotes shopping locally. This is the second year that I participated in this event. And it was a great experience.

When you shop locally, you’re supporting not just a business, but a dream realized. You meet owners who have stepped out on their faith to pursue their passion and you can be a part of it. I shopped at my favorite pen store that’s owned by Jay & Karen. Jay remembers that I’m a leftie so fountain pens are probably not a good choice for me. From there, I went to Lee’s Cream Liqueur, where I had my favorite liquor-infused ice cream. She laughs that out of the many flavors she has to choose from, I keep on selecting the same one…chocolate swirl Jack Daniel. Next, I went to boutique that carries some pieces of a friend’s fashion line and ended the day with happy hour at a neighborhood wine bar.

Now, I could have went to a mall or a big box store and tried to find similar experiences, but I would have missed the interaction with the people who wake up every morning with a mission of making their dream a prosperous reality. So with that thought, I’ve made the decision to make the philosophy of Small Business Saturday my philosophy for holiday shopping this year. It’s a gift that I think will keep on giving where it counts.