Be Passionate (Week 6)

MandelaPassionate: having, compelled by, or ruled by intense emotion or strong feeling.

In the past two years, I have lost two friends, extraordinary women who were taken from us much sooner than expected. They embodied vitality, strength and a beauty so strong that it shined from deep within them for all to see. When I think of them and Nelson Mandela’s quote, I realize that with all that I have accomplished, I am still playing small and not taking advantage of the opportunities that are in front of me.

I think it is okay to be cautious; but to settle for a life that allows you to be less than your potential is not. Now I’m not advocating that tomorrow you quit your job and go save the world. But there is something – a dream that is deep within that should be explored. You know the one; it makes you smile every time you think of it. What would it take to pull that out of you? How would you celebrate that accomplishment?

So let’s make a list. I want to create a Passion List (because the term bucket list depresses me). Some of the things on my Passion List are in the works. For example, I enjoy art that advocates for a cause. So I have performed in the Vagina Monologues as part of domestic violence awareness. I am passionate about writing, so I have several projects that are underway that fulfills that passion. I am passionate about travel and I have a list of destinations that I want to visit in the US and abroad. Savannah, Hawaii, Greece, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Spain and Australia top that list. Ironically, I was with a friend of mine today who recently scheduled a trip to Tokyo. I asked her how she settled on that destination and she said they had a really great deal so why not? I like that spirit.

I am passionate about programs and organizations that empower women and young girls and this year, I have put that passion into motion through my community service. Arizona Foundation for Women advocates for women and children in the area of safety, health and empowerment and I am proud to serve on the board where we work to ensure that She Counts.

There are so many things I could list but I think you get the idea.

One of my favorite songs is Tim McGraw’s “Live Like You Were Dying.” It is a great reminder that tomorrow is not promised and life moves much too fast to always be cautious; to always wait for tomorrow or the “perfect” time to try. It’s time to do the things that compel you, that move you, that you feel strongly about.

It’s time to live the life you are capable of living… and live like you are dying.

Be Passionate – about life!



Be Honest (Week 4)

“No legacy is so rich as honesty.” William Shakespeare All’s Well That End Well 

This post is not about how we interact with others but how we interact with ourselves. Honesty, like love, starts with self. It sets the foundation of who we are.

No legacy (1)To me, being honest with yourself is the same as being true to yourself. Staying your course, not settling, know your value – those are all aspects of being honest or true.

Being an entrepreneur, one of the most frequent tips that you receive is to NEVER devalue yourself. Once you lower your value, it’s hard to raise it back up again with that individual or the people in their circle. But that advice is just as pertinent in our personal lives.

When we settle, when we compromise, when we shelve our emotions, we are being dishonest and untrue to ourselves.

So every morning when you’re preparing for your day, take a moment to look at yourself, really look at yourself in the mirror. See the value in you, the uniqueness of you, how extraordinary you are. You, and only you, know your thoughts, your talents, your limitations, your strengths… and your true worth.

Be Honest with yourself – your wants, your dreams, your fears and your desires. Own them!

Be Honest and build your legacy on that honesty…

…and this above all, to thine own self be true.