The Political Upset That No One Saw Coming

cantor 3Today, in Virginia, the unthinkable happened in the world of politics. Rep. Eric Cantor, Majority Leader and the number 2 guy in the House met defeat at the hands of a virtual political unknown, see Eric Cantor loses GOP primary to tea party challenger Dave Brat.”

In the next few days, political pundits will be dissecting this defeat and its implications for the Republic party, for the House leadership and for the “Young Guns” that Cantor had created. They will try to determine if this loss was a result of Cantor’s stance on immigration reform or was it something much larger than that. Some will say that his attention to detail as a DC political operative came took his eyes away from the district, and constituents, that sent him to the House seven terms ago.

Cantor’s concession speech was very short and too the point, but the ensuing critique of his performance, both on the campaign trail and off, will not be.

Stay tuned politicos.

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