Be Honest (Week 4)

“No legacy is so rich as honesty.” William Shakespeare All’s Well That End Well 

This post is not about how we interact with others but how we interact with ourselves. Honesty, like love, starts with self. It sets the foundation of who we are.

No legacy (1)To me, being honest with yourself is the same as being true to yourself. Staying your course, not settling, know your value – those are all aspects of being honest or true.

Being an entrepreneur, one of the most frequent tips that you receive is to NEVER devalue yourself. Once you lower your value, it’s hard to raise it back up again with that individual or the people in their circle. But that advice is just as pertinent in our personal lives.

When we settle, when we compromise, when we shelve our emotions, we are being dishonest and untrue to ourselves.

So every morning when you’re preparing for your day, take a moment to look at yourself, really look at yourself in the mirror. See the value in you, the uniqueness of you, how extraordinary you are. You, and only you, know your thoughts, your talents, your limitations, your strengths… and your true worth.

Be Honest with yourself – your wants, your dreams, your fears and your desires. Own them!

Be Honest and build your legacy on that honesty…

…and this above all, to thine own self be true.




Be Unwavering (Week 3)

My DreamsMy RealitiesNow before you think that I’m on a specific roll (bold, direct, unwavering), today I want to talk about dreams. When I dream, I dream BIG! Big, audacious, exciting dreams.

And then I start to question myself. Can I really do this? Is this the right time? What about this? What about that? In the litany of questions that arise, I have to remind myself that we dream for a reason. Our dreams remind us of the possibilities… possibilities that can be realities if we work for it, strive for it, pray for it and live for it… and share them.

So here is the challenge for this week. It’s a two-parter so try to do both, but if not, do at least one. My best friend shared this idea with me.


Create a dream journal. Have a dedicated book where you only list your dreams. No thoughts, no complaints, no cheers or jeers. Only list your dreams.


1137814689-10935Take one of your biggest dreams and write it down on paper or find a physical photo of it. Place it in a stamped envelope that you have addressed to yourself. (You may want to use a forever stamp.) Send it to someone that you trust, who is accountable, with instructions to mail it back to you later this year. Do not ask them when they are going to send it and ask them not to tell you. When you get it, open it and see where you are on achieving it. 

So why do this?

We need to put a foundation to our dreams so we are resolute in achieving them. When we put something on paper it is more than words in the air, it is a plan. It is when we plan, that we become unwavering and we achieve our big, audacious dreams!

Dream big and BE UNWAVERING!

“Dreams come true; without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them.” ~ John Updike

(And if you need someone to send your letter to, let me know!)