Be Fair (Week 5-ish)

fair: free from bias or injustice; courteous, civil

This week’s BE is interesting for me to write, as it’s a topic that comes up in my various circles of girlfriends from time to time.

It has been said that I am quick to cut people off at the knees once we have experienced a major conflict. That’s not always the case (it can be, but not always). I have learned that people are in your life for a reason; and they can stay for season or a lifetime. Transition is good and sometimes it is necessary.

maya-angelou-quoteWhen people are no longer good for your life, it makes no sense to keep them in it thinking that they will change. As Maya Angelou said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” You have to be the change agent.

But there are times when people are having a “moment,” a time in their life when their actions might not be a true reflection of how they feel but a result of the storm that they are in. It is in these times, that you must look at the situation through a different lens and give them some room and some support.

The challenge is to know the difference between toxic and troubled.

So BE FAIR! Be free from bias in your judgement and courteous and civil with your words. Know when to keep people close and when to let them go. Take people for who they are, accept them as they are and meet them where they are. Cut the toxic people out of your life and show compassion for those who are experiencing troubling times.

Strive to be fair in your judgement, your words and your actions and let compassion and civility prevail.

Be Honest (Week 4)

“No legacy is so rich as honesty.” William Shakespeare All’s Well That End Well 

This post is not about how we interact with others but how we interact with ourselves. Honesty, like love, starts with self. It sets the foundation of who we are.

No legacy (1)To me, being honest with yourself is the same as being true to yourself. Staying your course, not settling, know your value – those are all aspects of being honest or true.

Being an entrepreneur, one of the most frequent tips that you receive is to NEVER devalue yourself. Once you lower your value, it’s hard to raise it back up again with that individual or the people in their circle. But that advice is just as pertinent in our personal lives.

When we settle, when we compromise, when we shelve our emotions, we are being dishonest and untrue to ourselves.

So every morning when you’re preparing for your day, take a moment to look at yourself, really look at yourself in the mirror. See the value in you, the uniqueness of you, how extraordinary you are. You, and only you, know your thoughts, your talents, your limitations, your strengths… and your true worth.

Be Honest with yourself – your wants, your dreams, your fears and your desires. Own them!

Be Honest and build your legacy on that honesty…

…and this above all, to thine own self be true.